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The success story of Anilo Steentapijt...

In the past 4 years Anilo had the mission to add value to the export of Turkey.

Anilo is located in Antalya on 6000 m2 where we have the most modern automation systems.

Daily we have a production capacity of 500 tons.

Our product range is rich in different colors of standard, main, metallic, fluorescent and phosphor color.

Creativity innovation

Anilo supplies unique and innovative products from its inception. With a wide range of color choices, Anilo continues to increase its production every day.

Anilo is the market leader in Turkey and the second largest producer of stone carpet in the world.

Anilo has a research and development center to test and analyze the products A revolutionary innovation that makes maintenance easier, faster, more efficient and more sustainable

Anilo exports to the Netherlands, France, Australia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

Experience, Competence, Innovation

Anilo Nano Quartz Stone Carpet Flooring;

High-quality guarantee (10 years)

Nano Quartz Stone Carpet produced by Anilo is resistant to sun rays(UV), water, chemicals, scratch-resistant, yellowing and fading.

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